The Oasis

Email Address & Office Hours

Church Email Address:

Days & Hours:  Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM 

Friday By Appointment only 

Please call 208-322-6601 to make an appointment.

Closed Saturday and Sunday

Meet Our Staff!



Pastor Tomm Lemon is our leader at Oasis. He started in July of 2016, and is getting to know his congregation. He is very caring, compassionate, and empathetic. We look forward to his guidance and support. Come check this page out in the future, as we learn more...

Outreach Team

Judy March is our Outreach Team leader, and she oversees the following areas:

  • Welcome and Refreshment Team -- VOLUNTEER NEEDED
  • Prayer and Information Team -- Shelley Dawson
  • Preschool and Toddlers-- Angie Devitt
  • K-5 Coordinator -- Mindy Baze
  • Young Adults Ministry-- Marcus March and Allen Baze
  • Communications Director -- Church Secretary (Interim -- Volunteer Needed)
  • Event Planning Team Leader:  Judy March
  • NA Group
  • AA Group 

Operations Team

Steve Decker is our Operations Team Leader, and he oversees the following areas.

  • Treasury -- Dahl Bietz
  • Facility Management Coordinator -- Steve Decker  
  • Server Team Leader -- Volunteer Needed
  • Clerk -- Cindra Weaver
  • Secretary -- Cindra Weaver

Spiritual Formation Team

Alan Baze is our Spiritual Formation Team Leader, and he oversees the following areas:

  • Dinner with Friends Groups -- Alan Baze
  • Adult Education -- VOLUNTEER NEEDED

Worship Team


Stitch Marker is our Worship Team Leader, and he oversees the following areas: 


  • Music Team -- Stitch Marker
  • Drama Team - Stitch Marker
  • Speaker Coordinator -- Mark Peel/Church Secretary
  • Sound Mixer/ P.A. -- Leonard Pflugrad, Camden Ross
  • Audio/Visual -- Leonard Pflugrad